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  • high-quality EEG acquisition
  • various stimulation tests
  • mobility
  • high-resolution video
  • quick review and analysis of long-term monitoring
  • remote monitoring station
  • touch screen interface


High-Quality EEG Acquisition

Usually, the ECUs are equipped with a large number of equipment, which can adversely affect the quality of EEG signal. However, it is not a problem for the new generation of Neuron-Spectrum-6G systems. Improved circuit technique, low of noise and high level of common-mode rejection allow these systems to record a high-quality signal in any conditions by 21–32 EEG channels. The online impedance measurement ensures the timely detection of a poor electrode contact, so the recording remains of high-quality throughout the examination.

Various stimulation tests

To assess the level of consciousness and preservation of cognitive function in patients in ECUs, the stimulation tests of various modalities are usually performed. Due to the built-in and external stimulators, you can perform photo-, auditory- * and current ** stimulation, as well as mark any other stimulation, for example, pain stimulation, with the event markers.


The mobile compact trolley where the system is placed is easy to operate. It can be freely moved in a limited ECU’s space from one patient to another. The stable passable castors with reliable brakes allow you to fix the system during the examination. The height of the tabletop is easily adjustable with one click on the latch. Convenient handles, a basket for accessories, and adjustable monitor make ensures the simple and comfortable work with the system.

High-Resolution Video

At the customer’s request, the system can also be supplied with one or two high-resolution video cameras. Video recording helps to clearly differentiate the recording artifacts from the seizure patterns, as well as to compare the clinical findings with the electrical activity of the brain.

Quick Review and Analysis of Long-Term Examinations

The system software includes the advanced navigation tools for long-term recording. For a quick visual assessment of the cerebral function state, the trends are used (amplitude-integrated EEG, average and maximum EEG amplitudes, alpha rhythm variability, spectral). The software has the powerful mathematical tools that automatically search and highlight EEG abnormalities (including spikes, sharp waves, epileptiform discharges, slow wave abnormality and burst suppression pattern) and can work both after recording and during the examination. The system also displays the warnings and sends them to the specified email address or to instant messengers.

Remote Monitoring Station

For the remote monitoring of the examination, you can connect from any computer via a local network. This is especially useful when there is little time, so you can review the examination process and EEG curves in real time, measure the impedance and analyze trends from any PC in the local network of your healthcare facility. You can also organize a single monitoring station for several examinations simultaneously.

Touch Screen Interface

The system is equipped with a touch screen. The software is adapted to work with it. You can control the system with a single touch. So the nursing staff can easily perform examinations.

* only with external auditory stimulator (NS010201.023-010 or NS025201.014-010)

** only with external current stimulator (NS024201.020)