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  • modular design
  • 69 different EMG, EP and ERG techniques
  • video EMG
  • amplifiers and stimulators with fully customizable settings
  • native data export in .xml, .edf, .bdf and text formats


Research institutions conducting EMG and EP studies sometimes apply rarely used techniques such as long loop reflex, nociceptive flexor reflex (RIII reflex), triple stimulation, paired associative stimulation and others. That is why it is important that they are implemented in the device.

8-channel NCS, EMG and multi-modality EP system of expert class Neuro-MEP-8 is perfect for this purpose.

Modular design

Neuro-MEP-8 system features modular design which means that you can create a configuration of your own combining amplifiers and stimulators included in the system depending on your specific needs. All electronic units can be connected to a computer via USB. It is possible to connect up to 10 different USB units whereas the system itself can be expanded up to 16 bipolar channels using an additional amplifier (purchased separately).

69 different EMG, EP and ERG techniques

Neuro-MEP-8 is a versatile tool packed with 69 different EMG, TMS, EP (including cognitive), ERG and EOG techniques.

Video EMG

The system ensures synchronous recording and reviewing of EMG data together with video including that obtained from the laryngoscope and other endoscopes.

Amplifiers and stimulators with fully customizable settings

Fully customizable settings of amplifiers and stimulators, possibility to create user-defined examination types and the most complex stimulation and biosignal (macros) acquisition protocols is truly unrivaled.

Native data export in .xml, .edf, .bdf and text formats

No matter if you use different methods of data processing, you can always export the data in various formats and process it using your own mathematics software.