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  • assessment of central and peripheral motor pathways
  • diagnostics of neurological disorders
  • compatible with most of EMG systems
  • wide choice of coils


Assessment of central and peripheral motor pathways

Magnetic stimulation has proved effective in the assessment of central and peripheral motor pathways. The alternating magnetic field generated by the stimulator easily passes through clothes, skin, scalp, bones, and meninges. Reaching the conductive tissues of central and peripheral nervous systems, this field creates an alternating electric field which in turn induces an electric current that can activate the neurons as during electrical stimulation. However, if compared to electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation does not cause painful sensations that usually occur due to the activation of skin receptors under the electrode and does not require additional preparation time. Using an EMG system during stimulation allows recording motor evoked potentials (MEPs) from the muscles innervated by those neurons. This principle underlies a variety of diagnostic tests such as central motor conduction time, cortical silent period, and others.

Diagnostics of neurological disorders

Neuro-MSX magnetic stimulator allows for the quick and painless study of central and peripheral motor pathways which is important for early diagnostics, assessment, prognosis, and monitoring of various neurological disorders including multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, movement disorders, motor neurone disease, and spinal cord injuries.

Compatible with most of EMG systems

Neuro-MSX is compatible with most EMG systems of world manufacturers. If you already have an EMG system, you can use it with our magnetic stimulator. However, the best diagnostic results can be achieved using Neurosoft EMG systems.

Neuro-MEP.NET software supplied with the stimulator features built-in algorithms for a wide range of TMS studies:

  • motor evoked potentials (MEP);
  • central motor conduction time (CMCT);
  • silent period (SP);
  • ipsilateral SP;
  • triple stimulation test (TST);
  • diaphragm responses to phrenic nerve stimulation.

All these tests are available when purchasing Neuro-MSX magnetic stimulator with any of our EMG systems.

Wide choice of coils

Depending on the type of study, you can select the coil of any shape and size from a great variety that we have designed. All coils feature perfect ergonomics and controls right at your fingertips while the coordinate grid helps you achieve maximum positioning accuracy.