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  • portable design
  • specific coloproctology techniques
  • electrical stimulator with two outputs


In coloproctology centers, EMG of external sphincter and pelvic floor muscles is often required.

Portable EMG and NCS system Neuro-MEP-Micro packed with the necessary techniques is the right solution for these needs.

Portable design

Neuro-MEP-Micro requires very little space and is connected to a computer via the USB cable which ensures data uploading and power supply of the device. If not powered from mains, the device can operate from the notebook battery.

Specific coloproctology techniques

Along with conventional EMG techniques, the sacral and bulbocavernosus reflex tests are already provided in the software so that you don’t need to pay extra for that!

Electrical stimulator with two outputs

Two software switchable outputs to plug in the electrical stimulator allow a specialist to place two pairs of stimulating electrodes on a patient and connect them to the device. Thus, there is no need to switch the electrodes as the stimulating electrode is software-defined.

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