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  • easy and convenient to use
  • automatic selection of pathological aEEG patterns
  • synchronous video recording
  • EEG system with 8+ channels


Easy and convenient to use

To start the monitoring, place four electrodes on the patient’s head and touch several buttons on the screen. User-friendly touchscreen interface allows you to control the device without keyboard and mouse. The system is placed at the smooth-running trolley which makes it easy to move the system to another ward and back.

Neuromonitor is easy to use. It can be operated by the attending staff of intensive care unit without long-term special training.

Clinical application

Nowadays, CFM is required for many newborns. In countries with the most developed healthcare every newborn with the minimal suspicion of cerebral function abnormalities must be monitored. Such abnormalities can be a result of genetics or pregnancy/delivery complications.

In some national recommendations and guidelines, CFM is an obligatory screening technique for newborns suffering from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy to detect the silent epileptiform activity.

Automatic selection of pathological aEEG patterns

At most severe CNS abnormalities, EEG and aEEG get a certain specific pattern. There are several types of aEEG patterns that can be easily differentiated and interpreted even by inexperienced technical staff. In addition, Neuromonitor software is able to detect most of patterns automatically. Then, the detected pattern is classified and color-coded for easy review.

Synchronous video recording

The video recording of an exam is done synchronously with EEG acquisition and aEEG trend, ECG and SpO2 data. It can be used to make the exact diagnosis in complex cases when visual interpretation of trends is ambiguous.

EEG System with 8+ Channels

In complex cases, Neuromonitor can be easily transformed to full-function 8-channel EEG system for long-term EEG video monitoring to record EEG, video and audio information, detect spikes, sharp waves, display maps, etc.